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HomeChicago Gangland 2013 News - Page 1

Chicago Gangland 2013 News - Page 1

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12/29/2013 -- 2 wounded during separate shootings in Tri-Taylor, Roseland 

"Two people were wounded early Sunday morning in separate shootings on the Near West and Far South Sides.In the first attack, a 42-year-old man was wounded about 1 a.m. during a gang-related shooting in the parking lot of a KFC in the 1100 block of South Western Avenue in the city's Tri-Taylor neighborhood, police said."

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12/25/2013 -- Police: Gang shootings leave 1 dead, 3 wounded

"Someone in a ski mask shot up an "impromptu memorial" Monday afternoon near the site of an earlier gang killing, police said, wounding two young men in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.

Two other shootings followed in Logan Square over the next five hours – one in the 2500 block of North Avers Avenue that wounded a 29-year-old man and one in the 2300 block of North Ridgeway Avenue that left a 22-year-old dead."

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12/20/2013 -- Imperial Gangster pleads guilty to murder

"An East Chicago man admitted Friday to killing a rival gangster despite having a chance to flee when the victim fired on him first.

Ace Cortez, 34, pleaded guilty to one count of murder in aid of racketeering and one count of conspiracy to racketeer. He admitted during a hearing Friday in U.S. District Court in Hammond that he had taken part in the criminal activities of the Imperial Gangsters in East Chicago since he was young teenager."

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12/20/2013 -- Homicides drop sharply after a violent 2012

"Around the businesses in the violence-plagued area of 79th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue on Chicago's South Side, the streets grew quieter this year.

Gang clashes were infrequent. Gunfire was seldom heard. And the youths who crowded sidewalks to exchange gang handshakes and sell weed outside storefronts have been shooed away by an influx of Chicago police officers.

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12/19/2013 -- Chicago Rapper Who Mocked Rival Gang “Black Disciples”, Shot & Killed

"According to the Chicago Sun Times, 17 year old rapper Don Darius, born Ladarius Brisco, died earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a Monday Dec. 16 shooting."

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12/17/2013 -- 'Small world of murder': As homicides drop, Chicago police focus on social networks of gangs

"It was an overcast noon, and 12 miles from the city’s sparkling core, Police Commander David McNaughton was ready for murder. His district on the southwest side responded to 39 killings last year, among the highest body counts in the city, which itself recorded 506 murders, the most in the nation. But instead of another bloody year, McNaughton has had to contend with a new surprise: peace and quiet.

'When people say stop and frisk is bad, well, no it’s not,' said the white-haired commander, handpicked to police the rancid, tumble-down stretches around Midway Airport. “We’re going to save their lives by talking to them.”

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12/01/2013 -- Former Rukn seeks clean slate in wake of his acquittal in retrial of 1984 gang killings

"It was an extraordinary hearing highlighted by testimony about a notorious Chicago gang's hit squads, a Cook County judge who went to prison for taking bribes to fix murder cases and an unprecedented agreement by prosecutors to reduce the sentences of two admitted killers called to testify.

At issue is whether Nathson Fields, a former member of the gang El Rukn, will be awarded a certificate of innocence. A judge is scheduled to issue a ruling in February."

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11/30/2013 -- Court filing details prosecutors allegations against gang

"In a new court filing, federal prosecutors have offered more details of their racketeering case against members of the East Chicago Imperial Gangsters.

The documents describe multiple shootings, as well as the thefts of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of pounds of drugs, they say were committed by the gang."

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11/27/2013 -- Curing Gang Violence In Chicago

"In 2013, nearly 2,000 people in Chicago were shot and 329 were killed. While those numbers are lower than 2012, the threat of gang violence remains a fact of life for those who live in the city. We talk to residents about their efforts to overcome."

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11/24/2013 -- Trouble in Pill Hill: The effect of gangs on a middle-class South Side family

"No one expected gangs to find their way to Pill Hill.

That was one thing that attracted Bernice Mack to the neighborhood more than 40 years ago. More than the quiet streets, though, it was the charming red brick trilevel on South Chappel Avenue that grabbed her attention.

Mack fell in love with the four-bedroom house with a chain-link fence and a rose garden in the front yard the first time she saw it in fall 1970. Here, the registered nurse and her husband, a suburban bus driver, could live among like-minded people, building a prosperous legacy for their budding family that they would pass on through generations."

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