The Chicago Crime Commission is committed to improving Chicago’s criminal justice system and advocating strong partnerships within the law enforcement community. The Commission actively seeks promising programs and policies that represent the chance for a brighter future for all Chicagoland residents.


Since 1919, the Chicago Crime Commission has represented the Chicago business community’s efforts to reduce crime and support law enforcement. From helping to take down gangster Al Capone, creating the first Public Enemies List that was later used as the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted, to publishing the Gang Book as a comprehensive guide to combating and understanding violent street gangs, the Chicago Crime Commission has been committed to addressing public corruption and violent crime. The Commission also maintains one of the oldest and most extensive historical archives on Twentieth and Twenty-First century organized crime. Today, the CCC continues to partner with local and federal law enforcement to benefit all Chicogoans on behalf of the business community.

Officers for

J.R. Davis

Chairman and President

William S. Trukenbrod

Vice Chairman

John W. Grant

Vice Chairman

Robert T. Palmer


Guadalupe Garcia


Board of Directors

Gerald I. Bauman

Founder and CEO

Gerald Bauman & Company, P.C.

J.R. Davis

Chairman and CEO

Davis Bancorp

Dawn Davis

Vice Chairman

Davis Bancorp

J.R. Davis III


Davis Bancorp

Rocco J. deGrasse


The Claro Group

Guadalupe Garcia

Cash Officer (R)

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

John W. Grant


J.W. Consulting Group

Philip W. Hummer


Hummer Mower Associates

Roger D. Isaacs

Chairman (R)

The Public Relations Board

Bruce F. Johnson


CME Group, Inc.

Jeffrey M. Johnson

Senior Corporate Counsel (R)

Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Kent A. Nelson


Nel63, Inc.

Edward J. Ozog


Attorney at the Law Offices of Edward J. Ozog L.L.C.

Robert T. Palmer

Chairman and CEO

Central Savings, f.s.b.

Hollis W. Rademacher


Hollis W. Rademacher & Co.

William S. Trukenbrod

Executive Vice President (R)

The Northern Trust Company

Dan K. Webb


Winston & Strawn LLP

The Chicago Crime Commission partnered with law enforcement partners to send over


postcards to every household in some of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods. The postcard provided residents with a toll-free number to report crime anonymously in their neighborhood.

Postcard Project

In an effort to increase reporting of violent crime and hate crimes, the Chicago Crime Commission has partnered with the FBI, DEA, ATF, U.S. Marshals, and Cook County Sheriff’s Office to introduce an Anonymous Crime Reporting Hotline. The hotline allows Chicagoland residents to call any day, any time and provide information regarding crime in their communities. The Commission sent postcards to residents in the city’s most high-crime neighborhoods in an effort to ensure residents in these areas can report crime without fear of gang retaliation.

The Gang Book

The Chicago Crime Commission’s Gang Book publication is an acclaimed compilation of current gang trends. The Gang Book is used as a tool to assist law enforcement, educators, and community justice partners in combating and understanding gangs. This comprehensive guide represents the culmination of the Commission’s collaboration with federal, state, and city law enforcement partners and gang investigators. The Gang Book is distributed to every law enforcement agency in the city and state, as well as to schools, and is designed to prosecute, address, and reduce gang violence. It includes detailed gang profiles and maps, an explanation of the role of social media in gang interactions, information regarding suburban gang activity, an outline of the intersection between gangs and trafficking of guns and drugs, and a compilation of resources for parents and communities.

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Annual Awards Dinner

Stars of Distinction

Each year, the Chicago Crime Commission proudly hosts over 500 Chicagoland law enforcement officers and community justice partners at its annual Stars of Distinction Awards Dinner. Award recipients are recognized for their invaluable contributions toward improving and protecting the Chicagoland community, and fallen heroes are commemorated and remembered. The Commission expresses its immense gratitude to the men, women, and K-9 officers who work to make Chicagoland neighborhoods safe.

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From Our Archives

The Chicago Crime Commission houses the single most comprehensive and oldest collection of historical archives from the 20th and 21st centuries pertaining to organized crime and public corruption in Chicago.



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